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How is the market value of a property determined?

When valuing your property, we rely on the hedonic valuation method. To provide the most accurate estimate, we compare historical data with transaction data from the past 9 years. Thus, we not only clarify the construction mass, but also analyze the current situation on the market and check existing supply and demand. We value investment properties using the DCF method, which takes into account the cash flows (rental income) that can be generated in the future.

What are the methods of real estate valuation?

A real estate appraisal is often performed using one of the following three methods:

1. the asset value method determines the value of a property on the basis of the real costs of building a property and its technical and economic depreciation. This value is calculated, for example, for the building insurance value.

2. the discounted cash flow method (DCF method) is often used for real estate used for yield purposes. For these investment properties, the expected future cash flows are calculated and presented as a present value. A key variable in this calculation is the so-called discount rate or risk-free interest rate.

3. last, the hedonic method is considered an important method in relation to owner-occupied real estate. This method uses empirical statistics to compare various property and location-specific characteristics of real estate. Transactions that have already taken place are used as the data basis for this and compared with the object to be valued.

Why should I have my property valued?

A real estate appraisal always makes sense when the purchase or sale of a property is imminent. In advance, all available documents should be gathered in order to be able to set the value and thus the price as optimally as possible. Since real estate transactions can be an emotional affair – after all, one’s own home, a family history and memories are at stake – analysis by external experts promises unbiased results and a secure point of reference for further action when buying or selling an apartment or house.

What is market value and what does it say about my property?

The fair value is also referred to as market value. The Federal Court describes the market value as the average price at which real estate with the same or similar location, size and condition is sold. In addition, there are industry-specific additions to the Federal Court’s definition: Market value is defined as the estimated amount at the time of valuation on which a willing seller and a willing buyer agree after appropriate marketing.

Which parameters are relevant for a real estate valuation?

In a real estate appraisal, the principle is: the more info, the better. However, an estimate can be made with just a few key data about the property. These essential key data are the address, the total floor space, the size of the plot, the number of rooms and the year of construction.

What other criteria determine the value of a property?

There are numerous parameters that are used in a real estate appraisal. We list the most common ones: Location, public transport connections, educational facilities, shopping facilities, recreational zones, surrounding development, car parking spaces, standard of finishing, energy condition of the property and the regional labor and real estate market.

What documents do I need for the real estate appraisal?

The more documents that are included, the more accurate the property valuation will be. Of particular importance for a valuation, however, are floor plans, building specifications, purchase agreements, rental agreements, entries in the land registry as well as investments made in the property.

What does a real estate appraisal cost?

A real estate appraisal can cost anywhere from a few hundred francs for a home to several thousand francs for an investment property. Property valuation with Properti’s market value calculator provides you with an initial free indication of the market value of the property. During a personal consultation, our real estate experts will be happy to provide you with a detailed estimate and work with you to determine the best solution for your real estate project.

What is the real estate valuation used for?

Depending on who performs the real estate appraisal, the way the real estate value is used changes. For example, the bank conducts a real estate appraisal to determine whether an offered purchase price is in line with the market and whether the bank can finance the property. The insurance company, on the other hand, determines a value for the insured value of the property.

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